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Wisdom University news comes by way of an online monthly newsletter as well as various social media offerings to allow you to keep abreast of the latest happenings at Wisdom University. Below you will find more information on how to subscribe to these various offerings. Thank you for joining us!

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Online Social Media

We are thrilled to announce our new networking opportunities on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. These platforms provide wonderful opportunities to connect more with our Wisdom University community by sharing interesting information, learning what is new within Wisdom University, and communicating with staff, students and faculty.

We hope you’ll join in and share so we can inspire one another, strengthen our relationships outside of the classroom, and generate new interest in Wisdom University. Engage with us so we can create community together.

Facebook is a professional tool for making connections and sharing information easily with many people at a time. It is robust and versatile providing a platform for uploading photos, links, videos, and articles.

If you already have a Facebook profile, please CLICK HERE to find the new
Wisdom University Facebook Page.

Join us by clicking the “Like” button.

If you do not have a Facebook profile and need help getting started, HERE is a tutorial on how to create a Facebook profile.

Once you join the new WU Page, please suggest us to your friends so that they, too, can be aware of us.

Twitter is a more lightweight method for keeping people updated (think byte-size).  With only 140 characters, it is a brief way of letting others know what you are up to.

If you already have a Twitter profile, please CLICK HERE, or you will also find us by searching for “wisdomuniv”

Join us by clicking the “Follow” button.

YouTube is a way to store and share Wisdom University related videos which will also be directly linked to our Facebook Page.

Join us here:

To see all our videos, click “see all” in the middle of the right column.

Creating an account allows you to save your favorite videos, and subscribe to our channel so you get notified when new videos are uploaded.

If you do not have a YouTube account and need help getting started, HERE is an introductory tutorial.

Internet Radio

Wisdom University connects with the global learning community through Internet radio.

“Voices of Wisdom” appears on Progressive Radio Network (PRN) on Fridays at 2:00 EST (starting January 28, 2011). The program features interviews with experts on ancient wisdom traditions and the wisdom culture shaping our future today. Listeners can call in to ask questions, so please tune in and participate.

To listen to “Voices of Wisdom” live and archived shows, and other PRN programs, CLICK HERE.

Print Media


We are excited to be able to share this two-sided color rack card as a brand-new marketing resource for Wisdom University, which we invite you to share with your colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors. We will be bringing plentiful supplies of them to classes and welcome you to take them home with you. We will also be happy to mail some to you, if you have events, professional meetings, or other potential networking opportunities coming up. Please send your request to

Click here to download the brochure as a PDF should you require larger numbers that make more sense to get printed locally. We hope all of you in our Wisdom community will help get these out to your communities and networks. Thank you!




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