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Mandala As Healing

Instructor: Judith Cornell

Register and Pay: $500

Puchase Kit:

Mandala As Healing

Using Sacred Symbols for Spiritual and Emotional Healing

Instructor: Judith Cornell



Mandalas - Sanskrit for "circle" - have been used for millennia in cultures worldwide as a means toward spiritual growth, creativity, and physical and emotional healing. Today, they can still be used to center ourselves and create balance in our lives. This slow, deeply meditative process allows one to open to the moment and create personal sanctuary through art, thereby shifting our perspective and allowing transformation to occur. As form, pattern and image begin to emerge, we become involved in an enchanted, reciprocal dance with Creation itself.

This Transformational Art course is a powerful learn-at-home program that covers all aspects of a lifelong mandala practice that can heal the heart and evoke compassion within; and seeks to take you on an exploration of this intriguing wisdom practice for weaving the soul to a state of wholeness and connecting to the universe. 

The Mandala Healing Kit contains all of the materials you need to begin creating and using your own mandalas immediately. 


1) Learn to make mandalas for "healing the heart" and opening compassion within; 

2) Create a "scale of light" - a luminous mandala to help reveal your true inner Self;

3) Learn the precise techniques for using sound and light to mend your emotions and express your hidden creative talents;

4) Learn to cultivate gratitude and unconditional love for yourself and others. 


Judith Cornell is an internationally acclaimed speaker, seminar and retreat leader, and researcher who serves as assistant professor of transpersonal psychology at Holos University Graduate Seminary. Considered a pioneer for her work integrating sacred art with psychology, philosophy, science, and spirituality, she is a distinguished artist and practitioner of raja yoga and subtle energy medicine. Dr. Cornell is the author of two bestselling books including the award-winning Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing and Drawing the Light from Within: Keys to Awaken Your Creative Power.


Judith Cornell, Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing 

Judith Cornell, Drawing the Light from Within: Keys to Awaken Your Creative Power


1) We ask that you take up one or more forms of inner practice for 20 minutes each day for the course of this program. A practice may include yoga, meditation, Chi Kung, T'ai Chi, and other related practices. Please submit a one page summary of your particular experience with sacred practice.

2) We ask that you journal each day, along with other forms of creative expression as you prepare for work on this course or as a means to integrate and process what is coming up for you.  Please submit copies of 3 or 4 journal entries that you feel comfortable sharing with the grader.

3) Please submit photos of your completed mandalas. You may also submit poetry or any other form of creative expression, such as other drawings, paintings, vocal recordings, musical compositions, etc., that were also inspired as you engaged in this work.


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