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The human race stands on the threshold of a new relationship with the earth and nature. In part, this is happening because our gross neglect of the environment has brought us to the edge of global catastrophe, especially due to the rising crisis of global warming.  We are being compelled to understand that we are not here to have dominion over the earth. We are here to act sustainably with the earth.  

In part, this new relationship is also taking place because people of higher consciousness are showing the way.  Linda Tellington Jones is one of those people, a unique individual who for over four decades has developed a rapport and healing power with animals, particularly horses, that is demonstrating that a new way of relating is possible between human beings and the other species that, with us, inhabit our planet. Her work and her vision model the future of life on earth:  a future in which human beings will sit down with the plants and animals, even the stones and minerals of the deep, commune with them, and together nurture each other and the earth. Since they have been here far longer than we, they can teach us much concerning what we need to learn about living sustainably.

This is what interspecies communication is all about -- modeling a future that has always been with us but now must emerge to ensure human survival.  How we treat the animals, how we interact with other species, is the ultimate barometer to how we treat each other and how we regard ourselves.

In 1982, Ken Carey wrote in his seminal book The Starseed Transmission that after the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden, we lost our ability to speak with the animals. He said that this loss was due to our unwillingness to share.  We have now reached the limits to what can be accomplished with this mentality, and the earth is rising up against us. We are being given one last opportunity to take our rightful place as one species among many on an earth that can more than support us all.  The key to this renewal of the human spirit, he believed, is through a new relationship with nature and animals.

It was also in 1982 that Linda Tellington-Jones received a transmission from a thousand-year old Morton Bay fig tree in Coffs Harbor, Australia - the same tree that was quoted as a source of the wisdom in Michael Road’s ground-breaking book Talking With Nature. The words she received from that same ancient fig tree were:

“In order to re-balance the earth, your people must once again recognize the Kingdoms of the Plants, the Animals, the Minerals and the Nature Spirits, as One with you and as vital to the survival of the Planet.”

It is in this spirit that the Institute for Interspecies Connections, under Linda’s direction, has been founded and serves as an inspiration to gather literature, experiences and scientific evidence that demonstrate the importance of interspecies connections to the mental, emotional and spiritual health of humankind. 

The Mission of the Institute is to work with others to establish the field of interspecies connections.  It seeks to do so by:

• Encouraging studies at the Masters and Doctoral level to explore and document various forms of interspecies onnections and the gifts this knowledge brings to humankind.

• Researching communication -- verbal and nonverbal -- between humans and animals, between different species of animals, and between humans and other forms of nature.

• Creating a website and library to collect stories and studies from around the world that demonstrate interspecies relationship.

• Exploring the spiritual enrichment of interspecies connections and the effects on the mental, emotional, physical health of humans from developing empathetic communication with nature.

The Institute will collect the work of pioneers in the field of the interspecies communication, such as John Lily, Jane Goodall, Jim Nollman, Rupert Sheldrake, Virginia Coyle, Joan Ocean, Penny Patterson and the gorillas Koko and Michael, Roger and Deborah Fouts, and Penelope Smith.

The Institute will develop courses at Wisdom University and also convene a series of meetings leading up to an international conference on interspecies connections. 

Principals of the Institute:

Linda Tellington Jones, Director

The pioneering work of Linda Tellington-Jones has its roots in a philosophy that sees all beings -- humans and animals alike -- as reflections of a Divine Whole. The Tellington Method was first created in the 1970s as a system of animal training, healing and communication that allows people to relate to animals in a deep and compassionate way, facilitates interspecies connection, and honors the body, mind and spirit of both animals and people.

Linda’s highly effective and revolutionary approach with animals has brought her world–wide recognition in the field of animal and human well-being. She has been an award–winning contributor to the world of horse training for over 40 years. In 1983 she introduced Tellington TTouch, a gentle form of touch that works at the cellular level to activate healing and well-being in animals and people. The Tellington Method affects behavior, performance, and health, and increases an animal’s willingness and ability to learn without force.

Linda has co-authored fourteen books on TTouch for animals and two books in the field of human health care –TTouch for You with Sypbil Taylor (available in Germany only), and TTouch for Healthcare with M. Cecilia Wendler, PhD, RN, CCRN.

Linda’s influence in health and healing—for animals and humans—reaches around the world with certification trainings on 4 continents and more than 1,000 certified Tellington TTouch practitioners in 27 countries, 16 books in 13 languages, and prime time television documentaries on five continents.

Linda is a graduate of the 1978 Feldenkrais Professional Training Program at the Humanistic Psychology Institute of San Francisco, a community faculty member of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing, and holds an honorary PhD degree from Wisdom University.

Karin Freiling, Deputy Director

Karin Petra Freiling directs the “Center for Healthy Living and Motivated Learning for Humans and Animals” in Klosterseelte near Bremen, Germany. Since early childhood, it was a matter of the heart for her to practise and communicate connection and oneness between humans and animals. She discovered multiple ways of communicating with animals, inspired and supported by her spiritual teacher, priest and neighbour Johannes as well as her grandfather.

She conducted her Master’s thesis on the interaction between pygmy chimpanzees and zoo visitors in several zoos in Germany. In the mid 90s, she discovered the Tellington TTouch as an essential way of interspecies communication. Working closely with Linda Tellington-Jones, she became certified in the Tellington TTouch method for companion animals and a TTouch Instructor for humans called “TTouch for You - Integrating Body Mind and Spirit”. She currently teaches workshops in whole-brain and brain friendly learning and has developed an improved method for optimized learning and reading.

She is an animal behavioural therapist certified in the fields of psychotherapy and dog physiotherapy, an NLP Master, and lecturer for brain fitness at a leading German academy.  She is conducting her PhD research at Wisdom University on mapping the field of interspecies onnections around the world.

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