Welcome to the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, an initiatory pathway to a deeper dialogue concerning life's mysteries

The Wisdom School of Graduate Studies (formerly Wisdom University) is a graduate school within Ubiquity University dedicated to catalyzing personal and professional renewal within the context of granting academic degrees. We offer Masters and Doctoral programs, and we welcome wisdom seekers everywhere who simply wish to audit our courses. Our programs are designed to enable you to explore the deeper dimensions of yourself within the living universe in which all of us breathe and have our being. The Wisdom School’s uniqueness lies in the way it combines intellectual discernment and creative expression in the pursuit of wisdom in its many forms as a way of life.

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Great Books

The Great Books
of the World’s Wisdom Traditions

Faculty: Jim Garrison, Mark Ryan, Will Taegel,
and other guest specialists

Every month, starting January 13

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Neuroscience in a Hypercomplex World
Principles & Practice

Faculty: Jim Hickman and Will Taegel

May 18 through July 3

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The New Chartres Academy

The New Chartres Academy
The Third Liberal Art: Rhetorica
Awakening Love and Beauty Through the Word

Faculty: Hans Christian, Apela Colorado, Jim Garrison, Andrew Harvey, Jean Houston, Caroline Myss, Karen Rivers, Peggy Rubin

July 5–11, 2015
Chartres, France

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Mystical Portugal

Mystical Portugal
Megaliths, Mythology, and the Poetry of Place

Faculty:  Laura Esculcas, Calen Rayne and Paulo Cardoso

July 12–17, 2015

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