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Stan celebrates his 80th birthday this year and Christina her 70th!
Enroll Now Cost for the 6-week Holotropic TeleSeries is $179 Cost for the live Breathwork event
is not included in this fee. See info below

Only occasionally in our lives do we have the opportunity to honor the great pioneers amongst us. Only rarely can we do so in a unique and transformational way. Participating in this celebration is one such opportunity.

Between May 24 and June 28, people will come together from around the world to honor Stan and Christina Grof. We will do this in an unprecedented way – we will gather together for a six-week TeleSeries with the two of them and many of their colleagues to explore a variety of topics relevant to their pioneering work. We will also do something never done before – on one day, June 11th, we will breathe globally as one.

Imagine what might occur when thousands of us join together to Breathe as One. Imagine how it might transform your life. Imagine how it might bring healing to our world.

This Holotropic TeleSeries and Global Breathwork Day is being co-created by a collaboration of organizations and individuals — Wisdom University, the Association of Holotropic Breathwork International (AHBI), Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) and certified Breathwork practitioners from around the world.

We invite you to take a moment right now to read the information below. If the opportunity calls to you, then please join us.

The celebration begins with a 6-week Holotropic TeleSeries

Moving toward Wholeness

Tuesdays from May 24th - June 28th
Click here to visit the Learning Portal for Week 1 and listen to the recording of the first call.
It is not too late to join this amazing exploration and global experiment.
and centers around a collective healing event

Breathing as One

A Global Holotropic Breathwork Day

Saturday June 11, 2011

Stan and Christina Grof have pioneered some of the most extraordinary advances in both the definition of what it means to be fully human and in what it takes to fully heal. Because of them, we know more about who we are and we have more powerful tools for inner transformation.

Stan stands as one of the giants in the fields of psychiatry and psychology and a successor of Freud and Jung. No one before him has delved with such precision and comprehensiveness into the realms of non-ordinary states of consciousness as well as their relationship to personal transformation and renewal. Neither has anyone explored with such depth the effects of pre- and perinatal experiences on an individual’s emotional and psychological health. Stan’s greatness lies in the fact that he has taken many of the unexplained, unusual, and anomalous aspects of human experience and woven them into a cohesive and comprehensive whole. In many books and professional articles he has described the observations from his research of states of consciousness that he calls “holotropic” (moving toward wholeness).

Christina has also been one of the pioneers of the transpersonal movement as an author, teacher, and artist. Her particular contributions have been in the areas of transpersonal psychotherapy, the transformative potential of spiritual crises (“spiritual emergencies”), and the psychospiritual roots of addiction and recovery, which she understands as longing for spiritual identity and wholeness. She holds two honorary doctorates and is the founder of the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN). She is the author of The Thirst for Wholeness and the forthcoming memoir, The Eggshell Landing, and is co-author with her husband Stan of Beyond Death, Spiritual Emergency, The Stormy Search for the Self, and Holotropic Breathwork. Christina and Stan co-created Holotropic Breathwork, one of the most potent tools for inner transformation and healing.

"Stanislav Grof is one of the most important pioneers in the scientific understanding of consciousness. He and his wife, Christina, have contributed both to its intellectual and experiential understanding through their work with Holotropic Breathwork." -Deepak Chopra

“Holotropic” literally means “Moving toward Wholeness,” and that is what this TeleSeries and Global Breathwork Day are all about.

6-week Holotropic TeleSeries

Here is a deeper look at what we will explore and experience together.
Enroll Now Cost for the 6-week Holotropic TeleSeries is $179 Cost for the live Breathwork event
is not included in this fee. See info below
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WEEK 1 - May 24, Toward a Psychology of the Future:
Lessons from Consciousness Research

with Stan and special guest Tav Sparks

This first session will discuss the far-reaching implications of modern consciousness research for psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy. It will include the vastly expanded cartography of the psyche and new insights into the architecture of emotional disorders, therapeutic mechanisms, and strategies for self-exploration.

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WEEK 2 - May 31, Cosmos, Psyche and Society:
Archetypal Forces in Personal and Collective Life

with Stan and special guest Rick Tarnas

This session will focus on the remarkable potential of the combination of responsible work with non-ordinary states of consciousness, archetypal psychology, and astrology for understanding the human psyche in health and disease. We will also explore the striking correlations between historical events and planetary transits.

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WEEK 3 - June 7, The Power of Breath and Insight:
Moving Toward Wholeness:

with Stan and Christina

This session will detail the pioneering work of Stan and Christina in developing Holotropic Breathwork, a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth psychologies, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions of the world. This method combines accelerated breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork, and artistic expression.

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Breathing as One:

A Global Holotropic Breathwork Day

Holotropic Breathwork™ is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing. The process itself uses very simple means: it combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in a special set and setting. With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses his or her own breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual's psyche, evoking a particular set of internal experiences.

On June 11th, Holotropic practitioners from around the world will be hosting Breathwork events. This is the first global Breathwork event, and we are excited to see what will emerge from the process. AHBI has set up a special community site to provide a space where we can connect and share our stories and the mandala drawings created following the breathing sessions. This collective reflection of our experiences will help us to see the impact this event has had on us as individuals as well as on the whole.

Some events may begin Friday evening (June 10th) and end mid-day Sunday (June 12th). A link to a full event directory with practitioners, locations, time and cost will be sent to all TeleSeries participants. The cost for attending a live Breathwork event is separate from the TeleSeries registration fee and will vary depending on the scope of the event. Our intention is to make the combined offerings as affordable as possible while still maintaining a high level of quality in this work.The average cost for Breathwork events can range from $145 to $250 based on what is included and when you register.

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WEEK 4 - June 14, Bringing it Home:
Integrating the Breathwork Experiences into Ordinary Life

with Stan, Christina, and special guest Jack Kornfield

During this session, participants will share their experiences of the Global Breathwork Day. We will discuss the conditions and strategies for the optimal integration of the sessions. On the basis of more than 30 retreats combining Holotropic Breathwork with Vipassana Buddhist meditation, we will explore the power of breath and insight for the spiritual journey.

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WEEK 5 - June 21, Spiritual Emergency:
Breakdown or Breakthrough?

with Christina, Stan, and special guest David Lukoff

This session will describe and explain one of the most important insights from the work Stan and Christina have done over the years -- the realization that many spontaneous episodes of non-ordinary states of consciousness, currently seen as manifestations of mental illness, can be better understood as crises of spiritual opening (“spiritual emergencies”) that properly understood and supported can be transformative, healing, and even evolutionary.

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WEEK 6 - June 28, Celebrating Transpersonal Psychology:
A Gathering of Elders

with Stan and Christina with special guest Angeles Arrien, Michael
Harner and more.

On this final call we want to honor many of the pioneers and elders of transpersonal psychology and the new paradigm in science. They will share their perspectives concerning one of the most significant explorations of the human spirit in our day, which may prove to be fundamental in shaping the human future.

Included with this series: A Special Holotropic Discovery Portal

Click here to visit the Learning Portal for Week 1 and listen to the recording of the first call.
It is not too late to join this amazing exploration and global experiment.

We have created a special Discovery Portal for this TeleSeries, containing additional information and learning resources (archival photos, articles, books and more) for each of the topics covered. You will be able to explore the work and insights of Stan and Christina Grof and their special guests in greater depth through this rich resource. Access to this Discovery Portal will remain open for you to explore through the end of 2011.

The weekly calls in the series run for 90 minutes, which includes 30 minutes of Q A. Calls are scheduled on six consecutive Tuesdays at 12:00pm PT, 3:00pm ET and 7:00pm GMT beginning May 24th.

Unable to make one or more of the live calls? No problem. These calls will be recorded and posted in the Discovery Portal within 24 hrs of the live call so you can access them at your leisure. We also plan to create transcripts of the calls and will post them in the Discovery Portal as they are completed.

Cost for the 6-week Holotropic TeleSeries is $179

Enroll Now

Registration for the Global Holotropic Breathwork Day

A link to a Directory of Breathwork Practitioners with event locations,
details and costs will be sent to you by email upon enrollment in the TeleSeries.

Note: Participation in a live Breathwork event on June 11th is not mandatory but highly recommended.
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Post a special message for Stan and Christina

CLICK HERE to post a message for Stan and Christina Grof. Birthday wishes, appreciations, refections on how their work has affected your life or anything else you feel inspired to share. These messages will be placed in a special book for them to have as a keepsake and post them in the Discovery Portal so we can all see how much their lives and work has benefited the whole.

This 6-week Holotropic TeleSeries and Global Holotropic Breathwork Day are being wholeheartedly co-created by the following:

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Want to join us in making this
worldwide celebration a
vibrant success?

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Other Celebration events scheduled for Stan and Christina in 2011

Celebration and Retrospective: A Life at the Frontiers of Consciousness

Stan Grof and Richard Tarnas July 8-10 2011

The Association for Holotropic Breathwork International invites you to:

A Holotropic Celebration in Honor of Stan and Christina Grof

Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, California - September 23-25th 2011

Join us for a two day celebration of Stan and Christina and an Open Space exploration of the future of Holotropic Breathwork. This event takes place directly before the Insight and Opening retreat with Stan, Christina, Jack Kornfield, and Wes Nisker organized by Grof Transpersonal Training.


Meditation & Holotropic Breathwork retreat Joshua Tree, California, USA - September 25-October 2

with Jack Kornfield, Stanislav Grof, Christina Grof, Wes Nisker, and special guest lecturer Dr. Dan Siegel
ph 415-383-8779/fax 415-383-0965;