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Certificate in Archetypal Studies & Projective Dream Work

qw11.jpgOverview of Certificate Program

All humans dream. Research also indicates that human beings, regardless of language, gender, culture or age, are inherently predisposed to express their experiences with the same kinds of archetypal symbols. The ideas, speculations, and most importantly, projections that arise over what dreams may mean, are very likely to awaken archetypal recognition, not only in the original dreamer, but also in others within a group.

In this way, the benefits and insights engendered by group discussion are never limited just to the dreamer, but are regularly shared by all members in a given group. "Group projective dream work" is the practice of sharing dreams in groups, where group members participate in exploring a dream's many potential meanings while taking conscious responsibility for the fact that any ideas about the dream's deeper significance must be projections growing out of each person's imagined version of the original narrative. This type of process regularly generates insights not only for the original dreamer but for everyone in the group, because the natural, spontaneous, archetypal symbolism in every dream is ultimately transpersonal.

The Certificate Program in Archetypal Studies & Projective Dream Work includes a variety of seminars taught by a number of faculty with different perspectives, but all focused on the basic concepts and strategies of archetypal psychology and analysis and their implications and applications for evolving spiritual awareness and creative action in the world.

There are many applications for a Certificate in Dream Work. All over the world there is an explosion in dream groups and an interest in dreams. One of the characteristics of dreams is that they become particularly vivid and acute in times of social unrest and political turbulence. Skilled practitioners are sought after and opportunities abound for such practitioners to be of service.

Admissions Requirements

1. Certificate Students must have a Bachelors degree or its equivalency. An equivalency consists of documented training beyond a high school degree that is equivalent in hours and requirements to a Bachelors Degree.

2. A completed Wisdom University Certificate Application must be filed with the Office of Admissions.

3. Students are encouraged to belong to an academic research library in the area in which they live.

Certificate Requirements

Those seeking certificates in this program are required to complete four Intensives in this area of study, plus a Practicum, as directed by their Practicum Advisor.


Developing skill requires practice. You will participate in a Practicum that will be an integral part of the program. A number of faculty will be available to guide you through your Practicum, including Dr. Apela Colorado, who emphasizes the Indigenous Mind approach to dreaming; and Dr. Jeremy Taylor, who emphasizes the Jungian and archetypal approach to dreaming. Students must demonstrate to their Major Advisor a capacity to work with individuals and/or groups in an exploration of their dreams.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees structure for the Certificate Program in Archetypal Studies & Projective Dream Work can be reviewed by clicking here.



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