Ubiquity considers the globe as its classroom. As part of our full spectrum education, we provide opportunities for learning journeys to all parts of the world. We ask all our students to go on at least one learning journey during their time with us as one of their core requirements. In this way, students can amplify their online learning with in person encounters with fellow students as they explore various parts of our beautiful and diverse world.

Chartres Academy

Chartres Academy

July 2–8 you can participate in our Chartres Academy in Chartres, France, for a study of the seven liberal arts, the most ancient learning system known. Learn more.

Mystical Andalusia

Mystical Andalusia

July 9–16 you can join our learning journey on the theme of “Ibn Arabi, Rumi and the Dance of Oneness” in Spain. Learn more.

Pyramid Academy

Pyramid Academy

October 28–November 3 we convene our Pyramid Academy in Teotihuacan to study the ancient teachings of the Toltecs. Learn more.

Interships in Sustainable Living

We are also developing a network of organic farms, ecovillages, intentional communities and retreat centers where you can stay as part of your own learning journey. This gives you the opportunity to design exactly the kind of experience you want and then to be able to express your learning through the medium of your choice: either through a paper you write, a video presentation you create, or any other form of artistic documentation of your experience, which you will submit for credit toward your degree or certificate.

We are now developing a global map of possible internship destinations. For example, below is a sample list of a few of the 1000’s of intentional communities aiming to live sustainably in a healthy relationship with their local ecosystem. Please let Ubiquity staff know if you are interested in creating an internship at any of these (or others you have heard of) so we can assist in your decision.

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