Teotihuacán 2012

It is said that the Mayan calendar started in 3,114 B.C.E. It's ending is not precise but many scholars put it on the Winter Solstice, 2012. Wisdom University commemorates this extraordinary culmination and transitioning by organizing a pilgrimage to Teotihuacán, the pyramid complex outside Mexico City that serves as the heart and historic capitol of the Toltec civilization that designed the calendar. It was at Teotihuacán that the Toltec seers developed their extraordinary spiritual technology of the stars upon which their calendar was based.

As the heart of Toltec wisdom, the land and energy of Teotihuacán is an enormous catalyst. This pyramid complex was built to show humans what is possible in their connection to the divine. Several thousand years later, it is still brimming with energy and power. The experience of Teotihuacán is difficult to describe. It is a place of cellular cleansing and rearranging, a mystical source of divine connection and wonder, and a super-charged spiritual battery rolled up into one potent package. Many people find that each time they travel to Teo and set an intent to heal an aspect of themselves, the healing happens at a deep level, and they can bring this change back into their life. This depth of rewiring our old internal structures and tapping into primordial wisdom is vital for our resiliency and our capacity to not only vision but embody a new way of being in the modern world.

The journey to Teo magnifies one's intent and strips away old limitations. The Teo journey is a sacred initiation ceremony designed to help each individual reclaim their deeper essence. We travel through a pathway that has been walked by thousands of others, a pathway of heart and light and awakening. From the plaza of Quetzacoatl to the Pyramid of the Sun we release our old attachments and embrace our truth. We combine deep spiritual and healing work with joy and inspiration. It is a true gift to go to places that are infused with intent and magic and let this energy seep into our bones.

All spiritual work ultimately concerns remembering who we really are. Teotihuacán provides a master key. The end of the Mayan calendar could not offer a more propitious time.

This pilgrimage will likely sell out early in the year. If you are
interested in joining us, register now to secure a space.

Dates: Oct 28–Nov 3, 2012

Location: Teotihuacán, Mexico

Faculty: Will Taegel, Judith Yost, Heather Ash Amara and Raven Smith