Remembering Pan, the Earth God

Reconnecting with our Living Ecology Through Activating our Relationship with Trees

Think of going to Maui during the dead of winter in early February and spending time in a tropical retreat overlooking the warm waters of the Pacific ocean. Imagine yourself in a luscious hideaway far from the madding crowd. Picture yourself in the company of fellow wisdom seekers communing with nature as a living ecology, spending time in deep reflection on ancient archetypal patterns derived from nature like the ancient Greek earth god Pan, and then doing something you may have never done before - activating your connection with the trees and perhaps having your first conversation with a nature spirit.

This course is a partnership between Wisdom University and Damanhur, Federation of Communities, which is seeking to create an aware connection between the plant world and the world of humans. It includes practical actions using specific Damanhurian technologies to orient and re-connect the intelligence of the tree kingdom, recreating an ancient matrix that will allow for the memory and experience of trees to re-merge again after centuries of abuse by humanity. Humans can play a crucial role in making “Treeness” whole again, something that would actually enable trees to work with humans to create a positive human/ecological future. The Damanhurian approach to activating and re-connecting with trees is now being carried out by groups of committed and sensitive people in Brazil, Europe, Japan, and the U.S.

If this sounds inviting to you, click the link below and read the syllabus.

This is a once in a lifetime expereince that can have a positive impact on the whole of life . . .

and the joy and hope it will ignite in you will serve as precious spiritual food to sustain you in the unprecedented times ahead.

Start your year off with Wisdom University. Join with us as we explore what it means to be a resiliant learning community cocreating a thriving future together.

The weather this time of year is ideal and it is whale season. Being in Hawaii when the whales are present is a blessing.

Dates: February 6-10, 2012

Location: Huelo, Maui, Hawaii

Faculty: Esperide Ananas and Jim Garrison and Hosts: Teresa Collins & Wendy Grace

Consider spending 2 weeks in Maui

We have a second pilgrimage scheduled the week prior on Earth Dreaming.

Register as a student for both and save $500.

Two weeks in Maui entering aboriginal dreamtime and re-connecting with trees and our living ecology would be a perfect way to consecrate 2012.