Is The Wisdom School of Graduate Studies the right fit for me?

Wisdom School is a graduate school for mature professionals who want to place themselves into a larger context of living and learning. Our programs help you to go beyond the boundaries of conventional understanding and behavior and into a more authentic life.

Wisdom School provides a unique opportunity to deepen your spiritual growth and personal development within the framework of academic degrees. Where else can you go where you can engage in deep spiritual and personal transformation and get graduate degrees at the same time?

If any of the following statements ring true for you, the Wisdom School might just be what you are looking for:

• You have had a successful career, but sense that it is not enough for a meaningful life.

• You are mature and are already on a spiritual path, but seek more rigorous and in-depth learning.

• You are seeking an academically integrated approach to personal and professional transformation.

• You care about the big picture and want to explore possibilities for change at a deeper level.

• You are committed to life-long learning in dialogue with fellow seekers—a process, not an end-point.

• You have gifts to share that the world will more readily accept if you are credentialed.

• You desire to integrate the inner and outer aspects of your being.

Wisdom School offers you the opportunity to:

• Lead a more authentic, meaningful life.

• Reinvent yourself.

• Claim your power.

• Discover your self-worth.

• Be part of a nurturing, supportive community.

How does the Wisdom School differ
from other graduate schools?

If you think about your prior experience in most conventional schools, you were probably educated to memorize information and express yourself analytically in tests and term papers.

From our point of view, this is important, but not sufficient for true learning. The conventional and virtually exclusive emphasis on intellectual rigor is only one end of the continuum that constitutes real education.

True learning also needs an inner dimension. It needs as much emphasis on body, heart and soul as on the mind. The Latin word educare means "drawing forth" and was originally used for education for good reason. Drawing forth what is within is at the core of of true learning. It is what Wisdom School seeks to catalyze.

We encourage our students to choose for themselves the courses that most enhance their personal, as well as professional development. consistently found that the best post-class papers are the ones that emphasize the relationship between what you are learning during class and how this affects your personal growth. Only if there is soul growth, only if there is as much rigor involving personal renewal as there is surrounding the exactitude of the intellect, is learning transformational.

This emphasis on an integral relationship between learning and personal development is what makes us a wisdom school. It is why we trace our lineage back to the wisdom schools of antiquity, which, like the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, were motivated by enhancing the soul's journey toward its fullest expression of human potential. Plato, whose Academy was the original university, said that all true learning was a remembering, a process that led to the “enlargement of the soul.”

For us, wisdom is an ongoing process of venturing beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking to embrace a more encompassing consciousness of the possible. It is not something that can be obtained once and for all. It is a continually deepening exploration of ever-greater levels of integration between the inner and the outer dimensions of one's life. Ultimately, the pursuit of wisdom is grounded in the willingness to live in our questions. It is a perpetual inquiry into the mystery that undergirds all life.

History has reached a critical juncture when both crises and opportunities abound. All of us need to be involved in re-imagining our personal lives, that of our communities, and the well-being of the planet.

Quite literally, the future is up to us, and only a new wisdom culture, comprised of highly integrated people, will see us through. How you personally develop, what gifts you bring into the world, and how effectively you bring these gifts to your community, are all critical to how our future will unfold.

If you know you are here to help bring forth the new, drawn to cultivating your gifts within a learning community setting, motivated by a question led life and exploration of mystery, then Wisdom University may be just the right fit for you.

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Jim Garrison and Will Taegel, work together as the Executive Team for the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies. They are joined by a dedicated core team, faculty and staff and a growing community of wisdom seekers all choosing to co-create thriving learning environments locally and globally.

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