Eco-Spiritual Mentoring Program

Three Phase Course of Study

This eco-spiritual mentoring concentration expands and redefines classical Spiritual Direction. The course of studies can lead to a certification, a Master’s degree, a Doctor of Ministry, or can be incorporated into a Ph.D. Certification and Master’s degrees—Master’s completed in three years, Doctorates in five years.

Our course of study seeks organically to create a new paradigm that transcends and includes approaches like Spiritual Direction and spiritual counseling. Prospective students can join the process at any time in conversation with the director.

Students will first encounter the Primordial Wisdom of the indigenous people. Then, over the course of study in various seminars, students will enter conversation with environmental, nature-based mystics such as Walt Whitman, Edward Abbey, Rachel Carson, and Aldo Leopold. Next, we incorporate the skills and models of the inner council of selves based on Jungian psychology. After we are well-grounded in this new paradigm, we will enter a brief conversation with Classical Western mysticism and the art of spiritual direction while not being captured by its traditions. Finally, we will round out our training by immersing ourselves in eco-field science and practice hands-on eco-spiritual mentoring.

This emphasis on a nature-based approach is related to the need for spiritual leaders to provide assistance in a “Great Return” of human beings to the original source of the natural order. The planet, its people and other beings living as a part of Mother Earth cry out for spiritual awareness, nurture and support to assist through the deep waters of change and a planet seeking a new equilibrium. These intense issues now facing our generation and future generations call for eco-spiritual mentors capable of guiding others for a thriving of the planet and all its beings in order to provide “islands of coherence in the sea of chaos” we are now facing. The course will include knowledge and wisdom from the classical, indigenous and modern mystics. The student will begin the process of creating an integrated map to form a new paradigm for eco-spiritual mentoring; thereby, becoming an attractor force for change for the greater good of all beings within the living Mother Earth.

Method of Study

Courses will engage Independent Study with various faculty as directed by Lillie Rowden, D.Min. These independent studies can be in-person or in our Zoom video webinar platform. With this approach a student can enter the program at any time after an introductory interview to see if there is a fit for student and the Eco-Spiritual Mentoring Course of Studies.

As your studies unfold, you will be linked to pilgrimages, in-person seminars, practical mentoring, and immersions. Your course of study will be guided by Dr. Rowden and Dr. Judith Yost, Dean of Students. Each student will receive reading assignments and other course requirements for each seminar in conversation with Lillie Rowden as the student progresses through the program. The length of the entire program will depend on whether you aspire to certification (3 years), Masters (3 years), Doctorate (3–5 years). Over the three year period you will take five courses or learning experiences that move in a cycle. It is, therefore, possible for a student to join the learning cycle at any time.

Course #1 - An Introduction to Natural Mystics
Next time in cycle - 2019. Click here for course syllabus

Course #2 - Earth Wisdom and the Primordial Mind: Eco‑Spirituality Through Ceremonial Practice
Next time in cycle - 2019. Click here for course syllabus

Course #3 - Nature-Based Connection and Communication With The Eco-Field: The Medicine Wheel and Other Nature-Based Practices
Next time in cycle - 2020. Click here for course syllabus

Course #4 - Eco-spiritual Mentoring Through The Inner Council of Selves: First Steps To Connect With The Mother Tongue
Started February 6, 2018 and is currently underway. Click here for course syllabus

Course #5 - Practicum for Certification as an Eco-Spiritual Mentor: Returning to Mother Earth as a Source of Growth
Next course begins August 7, 2018. Click here for course syllabus and registration

Next course - August 7, 2018

Practicum for Certification as an Eco-Spiritual Mentor: Returning to Mother Earth as a Source of Growth

Click here for course syllabus and registration