Global Earth Wisdom Community Call

January 6, 2018, Noon Central Time

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The Coming of the White Buffalo Brings Us to the Bridge of a New Era

Guests: Allison Jensen, Ph.D. and Jack Jensen, M.D.

GEWCC Presenters

Allison Jensen, Ph.D., is an elder in the Earthtribe and co-creator of the Deer Dancer Ranch. Much sought after as an eco-spiritual mentor and vision guide, Allison also has done extensive research in transformative learning, a field in which she holds a Ph.D. She and her husband, Jack, are caretakers of Wild Heart, the White Buffalo.

Jack Jensen, M.D., is an elder in the Earthtribe and steward of Deer Dancer Ranch. As an enrolled member of the Potawatomi tribe, he has a special affiliation with Wild Heart, the White Buffalo. Jack is an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon, a physician for Olympic athletes.

Wild Heart

In October of 2017, a White Buffalo came to the ceremonial ranch where the Earthtribe gathered. She was named WILD HEART, and she can show us the way.

Plus, she is pregnant and will give birth in the Spring of 2018.

This auspicious event may be a partial fulfillment of ancient prophesies that usher in a new Earth Era.

An ancient story predicts this occurrence and is one of the few in the wisdom traditions wherein a woman is the primary means of grace.

She is the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

And, as the story goes, she will come again in the form of a white buffalo.

Do you seek to live where the veil is thin?
Do you want to be part of crossing the bridge into an evolved consciousness in 2018?

We will discuss visions and openings that give us hope and strengthen our faith.

We will seek to link with each other, with a tie of conscious love that makes us cherished relatives.

What a way to begin 2018!

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