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Relief from Chaos in Our Culture?

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The Law of Syntropy tells us how we can use the wisdom of our hearts to find a path of conscious collaboration with Nature.

with guest Jennifer Knight, J.D., M.A.

April 1, 2017

GUEST: Jennifer Knight began her adult life as a Chemical Engineer and a scientist, moved on to become an attorney, and completed an educational trinity by becoming a psychotherapist with a specialty in equine-assisted therapy. Jennifer is deeply connected to Nature as guide, healer and teacher. Her path has led her to investigate many systems of thought and consciousness, including our topic of Syntropy. She seeks to weave together threads of the neuroscience of relationships, holistic healing, dreaming, somatic awareness, eco-therapies and ancient indigenous wisdom into her therapeutic work with clients. She is also actively involved in various communities seeking to live a New Dream of interconnected, interdependent, regenerative living systems guided by and collaborating with this beautiful Earth and the Creator of All That Is. Besides her practice of psychotherapy, she is a consultant in Syntropy systems at The Wisdom School. She is a rich resource person for our topic, Syntropy. Let's look a bit closer at how important this topic is in a world gone awry.


Conscious Collaboration with Nature

Classical science is based on the principles of separation and Entropy—the tendency toward chaos, disorder, diffusion, and disintegration. According to the force of Entropy, energy diverges from a source and dissipates. The wave of time associated with Entropy moves only from past to present, and the present is caused by events in the past. However, the Law of Entropy governs only one side of science-that destructive phase of Nature’s cycles that leads to decay and death.

Empirical observation of Nature demonstrates that living systems operate according to principles of connection and the tendency toward greater complexity, order, differentiation, and integration, the principle of SYNTROPY, which is complementary to the force of Entropy. According to the Law of Syntropy, we will learn that energy in living systems converges toward a source and integrates into systems of greater complexity and higher order. From our perspective in the present, the wave of time associated with Syntropy flows from future to present; therefore the present is created also by causes located in the future. Thus, the Law of Syntropy governs the other side of science-that creative phase of Nature’s cycles that leads to life and regeneration.

Together we will explore how our hearts and our bodies-sensations and feelings-provide us with a beautifully attuned instrument that allows us to discern at every moment whether we are moving in accordance with the Law of Entropy or the Law of Syntropy. This awareness empowers us to engage in conscious community with each other and with Nature—to co-create the world of our hearts’ desire.

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