The Avebury Experience

Earth Energies, Crop Formations and the Subtle Realms


The Earth is covered in thousands of holy places, sacred sites, and pilgrimage destinations. We now know where many of these once venerated and still numinous locations are, but why are they holy and sacred and the focus of so many pilgrimages? What makes them that way? Are they all the same? What role do they play in the Earth's overall life? What are the most effective ways to interact with them? These are some of the many vital questions about Earth Mysteries that geomancers explore.

Sacred sites, holy places, and pilgrimage locations are part of the focus of a discipline known as geomancy. This means the divination (mantos) of the energy and consciousness secrets of the Earth (Geo). Think of Earth Mysteries as the natural extension of the famous Gaia Hypothesis. Sacred sites and holy places function within the Earth's geomantic terrain, an interconnected planetary system that supports higher consciousness in humans through connecting them with the galaxy and spiritual worlds through openings across the Earth's surface at sacred sites. This terrain is also called the Earth's visionary geography, because it is a landscape that inspires visions into its nature, which is a template of the cosmos.

In this intensive, we will align our spiritual essence with that of the planet, both of which are resonant with the seed of light installed by the angelic realm when humans and planets were created. We will find and align our deep purpose with the deep purpose of the planet for maximum energization and traction. This enables us to join what Richard calls “the campaign with Gaia for the planet.”

In the second half of the intensive, we will delve into the mystery of crop formations. guided by Karen Alexander. Avebury has been a veritable magnet for crop circles for the past 20 years. The circles, it seems, have a love affair with the place. Like many of the stone circles and ancient sites, the circles too have links with measure and some with astronomy. Many sense earth energies within the formations.

For some the circles also stimulate the psyche and the spirit - they are modern day sacred spaces - or temporary temples. Many see them as art in the service of psyche and spirit, which allows a unique opportunity for self exploration. We aim to visit some of the latest circles for a hands on experience of their amazing spaces.

We will explore 3 main areas:

1. A brief history of the phenomenon

We'll look a the way the crop circle phenomenon has evolved from it's early beginnings to the present day and at the development of ideas and theories in relation to them.

2. The Number & Geometry of the formations

For this we would work from the circle - unity - to the number 13 - transformation. With lots of illustrations. We will look at the links between number, shape, geometry and the human psyche. We will explore how number has meaning as well as function.

3. The cultural/psychological and spiritual impact of the circles.

We will explore personal response and reaction to the circles and the idea that art can chart the progression of human consciousness from cave painting to the crop circles! Finally we will look at how all of these ideas fit together, sacred space, geometry, number, pattern, symmetry, art, and the evolution of human consciousness itself.

As part of the transformative art program, we will explore drawing the crop circles and getting a hands on understanding of sacred geometry and organic shapes.

Earth Treasure Vase

As part of our pilgrimage, we are pleased to include Cynthia Jurs, who for the past twenty years has been leading pilgrimages all over the world to place Earth Treasure Vases. These vases come from the Tibetan Buddhist culture and reflect an ancient tradition to bring healing and protection to the Earth. Sacred clay vessels are filled with intentions, prayers and symbolic offerings, then sealed and buried in sites all over the world—never to be disturbed.

Thirty Earth Treasure Vases were originally consecrated and given to Cynthia and her community, the Open Way Sangha. Only four remain. To activate this global mandala and fulfill the “campaign with Gaia for the planet,” we will fill and bury one of the last four vases at Avebury on this pilgrimage.

Consecrating our intention to bury an Earth Treasure Vase allows us to align more deeply with the very energy of Avebury that produces the extraordinary crop circles. Where exactly will the vessel be buried? What are our prayers for the Earth? What unique gifts are we called to offer at this time? Through our meditations at the sacred sites and inside the crop circles, we will open to the voice of the Earth herself, inviting guidance and answers to these questions.

Ritually working with the Earth Treasure Vase will enhance our pilgrimage experience, bring theoretical learning into a hands-on practice, and turn our prayers into action—with outcomes to be revealed as the pilgrimage unfolds. It is a unique opportunity to engage a process of sacred activism on behalf of the whole Earth in one of the world‘s great power spots at a time when our prayers are profoundly needed.

Required Reading

Richard Leviton, Walking in Albion

Steve & Karen Alexander, Crop Circles: Signs Wonders & Mysteries

Michael Schneider, A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe

Recommended Reading

Richard Leviton, Encyclopedia of Earth Myths

Michell & Allan Brown, How the World is Made (The story of creation according to sacred geometry)

Chris Hardy, The Sacred Network: megaliths, cathedrals, ley lines, and the power of shared consciousness

Pre-Class Assignment for Wisdom University students

Write a 5—7 page essay: Why do I care about the Earth and what is my conception of what the planet is?

Post-Class Assignment for Wisdom University students

Revisit Avebury imaginatively, as if you are there again in the richness of your experience, three times in your first week back home and write a 12—15 page essay of your experiences and your interpretation of them.

Dates: June 23–29, 2012

Location: Avebury & surroundings, South-West England

Faculty: Richard Leviton, Karen
Alexander, Peter Merry, Cynthia Jurs

Faculty Bios

Karen Alexander

Karen is a long time crop circles researcher and commentator who has for many years brought a thoughtful and introspective touch to researching the crop circles. A respected and influential speaker and writer, her work seamlessly fuses sacred art, spirituality, psychology and philosophy - the scholarly and the intuitive. Karen is perhaps best known as the writer behind the annually published Crop Circle Year Books (1999 -2010) and the popular Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries (Arcturus 2006 & 2010). Karen is also organiser of the annual crop circle conference, The Summer Crop Circle Lectures, held in England.

Richard Leviton

Richard is the author of 22 books on myths, consciousness, and the global geomantic landscape, notably his latest Hierophantic Landscapes (2011), Walking in Albion (2010), Santa Fe Light (2009), Welcome to Your Designer Planet! (2007), The Galaxy on Earth, Looking for Arthur, The Emerald Modem, Signs on the Earth, and Encyclopedia of Earth Myths. He is the director/founder of the Blue Room Consortium, a cosmic mysteries think tank based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A trained and certified clairvoyant, Leviton teaches clairvoyant tools and development as well as their applications with geomantic protocols to engage with the planet-to “plug in.” Since 1984, he has been interacting with and describing the Earth's Light body, and, through workshops and trainings, facilitating people to have directed visionary encounters with the planet.

Peter Merry

Peter is a co-founder of Wisdom University in Europe. He is also Chair of the Center for Human Emergence (Netherlands) and a founding partner of Engage!. He is a recognized expert in the field of evolutionary systems dynamics. He is the author of Evolutionary Leadership. He is an experienced designer of learning processes and host of collective inquiry and collaboration. He also has a background in theatre and folk music. Having experienced the limits of more traditional approaches to societal change, his current focus is on researching the application of noetic science, geomancy and quantum physics to whole systems transitions. As part of this, he is a PhD student with Wisdom University and in the advanced stages of ECOtherapy training.

Cynthia Jurs

Cynthia Jurs has had a lifelong dedication to planetary healing and for 20 years, has led pilgrimages all over the world in connection with her Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project. A teacher of sacred activism and Buddhist meditation, she received transmission from Thich Nhat Hanh and guides the Open Way Sangha in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1990, a 106-year-old lama living in a cave in Nepal instructed her in a practice to bring healing and protection to the Earth by working with earth treasure vases. Functioning as acupuncture for the planet, the vases join communities in ceremony as relations are made with indigenous elders and young activists to create alliances for global healing. Cynthia also directs the nonprofit, Alliance for the Earth. Her film, Turning Prayer Into Action: Indigenous Grandmothers Meet the Bioneers has inspired another documentary in progress.

For additional information on this intensive, contact Peter Merry.

Special Note: We have a second pilgrimage scheduled the week following in Chartres, France. Register as a student for both and save $500.