I am ready to leap . . . . what are my next steps?

Admissions Process

We welcome you to our community of wisdom seekers and hope that your admissions process will be smooth, your entry into our community of learning exciting, and your time with us one of enrichment and growth. Please let us know how we can be of assistance along the way.

Individuals applying for admission to The Wisdom School must have a Bachelors degree or an equivalent degree. An equivalency consists of documented training beyond a high school diploma which is equivalent in hours to a Bachelor's degree, and may include any published work or teaching experience.

The bridge you walk over to enter the Wisdom School invites you to take
five steps:


Step 1:

If you are interested in becoming a student, please fill out the inquiry form or call 702-358-0551 and leave your contact information and best times to reach you. Jim Garrison or Dean of Students, Constantina Clark, will contact you to talk one-on-one about whether The Wisdom School is the right fit for you. We believe that direct personal contact is an important part of your learning journey with Wisdom.

Step 2:

Once we have established that The Wisdom School is the right fit for you, the next step is to complete an Admissions Application Form

Please include the following with your application:

• An essay on your reasons for wanting to attend Wisdom University
(500-750 words)

• Brief resume

Step 3:

The Academic Council and Registrar will act on your application. You will be notified of your acceptance to The Wisdom School by our Registrar, Stacy Newman. She will send you Enrollment forms at that time.

Step 4:

Fill out the brief enrollment forms return them together with the appropriate fee for the degree into which you have been accepted. Once you have sent in the enrollment forms and fee, you become a fully participating student in The Wisdom School.

Step 5:

Once your enrollment is complete, Constantina Clark, our Dean of Students will contact you to assist you in selecting courses that will best support your learning goals.

“Wisdom University has reframed my understanding of the universe and my place in it. It has inspired my work and brought new life to my spiritual practices”

—Gail Ransom

“Wisdom University has given me practical ways to enhance my creativity.”

—Karen Batignani

“Brilliant teachers. Heart-centered with Spiritual depth. True inclusivity.”

—Nancy Lee-Evans

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Jim Garrison

Dr. Jim Garrison

President, Ubiquity University

Stacy Newman

Stacy Newman

Registrar, The Wisdom School

For any questions regarding Admissions
and Enrollment, contact Stacy in the Registrar office at 702-358-0551.
You also can email Stacy at:

Constantina Clark

Constantina Clark

Dean of Students