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It was T.S. Eliot who asked:

Where is the information in the data?

Where is the knowledge in the information?

Where is the wisdom in the knowledge?

The world is awash with data, information, and knowledge. This is the purview of conventional schools and universities. Yet what is needed more critically than ever are transformational learning processes that empower people to engage in personal transformation and to skillfully navigate through these perilous times with wisdom.

In order to do this, education needs to be holographic. People require educational experiences that are fully immersive and multi-sensory, particularly at a time when economic and political conditions are making it increasingly challenging for people to travel long distances to traditional universities and in-person courses. At the same time, developments in web and phone technology, combined with social networking technology, enable learning and virtual community building in ways not possible before. This is where the distinctiveness of Wisdom School of Graduate Studies begins.

Full Spectrum Transformational Learning

The Wisdom School is dedicated to providing what we call full spectrum transformational learning.

Full spectrum transformational learning animates the multi-sensory student. It combines the best of online education, blends it with the latest social networking technology, infuses it with in-person intellectual, creative and ritual encounters, and designs the entire continuum both to catalyze personal transformation and nurture resilient communities.

It is transformational because the goal is to catalyze personal and professional growth and development. It is full spectrum because it offers a range of new online/in-person learning modules designed to be pathways of participation that are fully immersive and multi-dimensional. It builds resilient communities because it cultivates capacities for collaboration and coherence. Full spectrum transformational learning animates the multi-sensory student.

At the heart of full spectrum transformational learning is the creation of portals of learning that endure over time, creating community as a goal equal to that of learning itself. Thus learning and community building become two sides of the same coin: learning as community and community building as learning. Learning and community thus become both the means and the end of what the Wisdom School represents in the full spectrum transformational experience.

Wisdom as a Way of Life

At the heart of the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies is the pursuit of wisdom. If you think about how you know what you know, two epistemologies likely come to mind. One is based on revealed truth, the basis of the Abrahamic religions. Whether Moses receiving Torah, or Christ crucified and resurrected, or Mohammed reciting the Koran, truth in western religious terms is something that ultimately comes from God and is to be believed and obeyed.

The other way of knowing is the scientific method, based on the aggregation of data, testing hypotheses, and developing increasingly accurate theories. Science is the path of rationality and intellectual logic that seeks the certainties of verifiable knowledge.

The ancient Greeks offered a third way of knowing. Socrates honored divine revelation and scientific investigation, but he believed that the greatest commitment around which to orient one’s life is the exploration of ultimate questions. For the Socratic quest, the most profound way of discerning ultimate verities is through truth pursued not truth revealed or knowledge aggregated.

Religions seek answers and are thus based on dogmatic belief. Science seeks knowledge and is thus based on certifiable facts.

The pursuit of wisdom is to live in the questions and thus to be open to personal transformation.The Wisdom School engages with all these ways of knowing in its pursuit of truth.

This means that wisdom is more a way of life than an arid intellectual enterprise. The pursuit of wisdom leads to an ever-deepening alchemical metamorphosis of psyche, heart, mind, body and soul. The Wisdom School is firmly rooted in this Socratic tradition. The notion of truth pursued is the cornerstone and foundation of everything we stand for, and lies at the heart of all our programs, courses and events.

“The truth dazzles gradually, or else the world would be blind.”

—Emily Dickinson


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The Wisdom School of Graduate Studies’ full spectrum transformational learning, our commitment to the pursuit of wisdom as a way of life, and our focus on the whole person, together act as profoundly transformative catalysts for spiritual and personal development. As a result, we frequently find that our students are empowered to refine their life goals, deepen their spiritual commitments, improve their professional and personal relationships, and gain clarity about more effective ways to be of service to their community.

Everything the Wisdom School seeks to accomplish through its transformational learning can be expressed through the image of an archer drawing back a bow.

The farther back the bow is drawn, the farther the arrow will fly, and the truer will be its arc toward its goal. In this spirit, our courses accentuate the depth of wisdom as it emerged from the Primordial Mind and from the origins of human spirituality, experienced so profoundly through a resonance with the earth as a living organisim, whom the Greeks called Gaia.

Those studying with us are encouraged to go back as deeply as possible in order to interface with the contemporary world from a solid grounding in the earth herself, supplemented with the ancient wisdom traditions that spring from the creativity of our own species. Students are urged to do so in a manner that is catalytic to personal transformation - which is the goal of all the mystics and all the wisdom traditions from the dawn of time and from around the world.