About Us – Contact Information

For General Questions about the University:

Contact: info@WisdomUniversity.org

General inquiries from Prospective Students:

Please fill out our Online Inquiry Form and staff will consider your questions and respond promptly—or you can leave a message and call-back number at: 512-217-5335.

Registrar and Admissions:

Please fill out our Online Admissions Application and you will hear back promptly from Stacy Newman, our Admissions Officer about
next steps.

Tel: 702-358-0551
Skype: UbiquityUniversity
Email: Registrar@UbiquityUniversity.org

For Technical Issues:

Dan Gauthier, Webmaster Dan@SpiralPathEnterprises.com

For information in the following areas:

Becoming a Wisdom School of Graduate Studies student:

Will Taegel, Dean Will@WisdomUniversity.org

Registering for Courses or for Admissions:

Stacy Newman, Registrar and Admissions Officer Registrar@UbiquityUniversity.org

Questions for students already enrolled in Wisdom University:

Judith Yost: D.Min, Dean of Students. jyost@wisdomuniversity.org

Our Doctoral Programs:

Judith Yost: D.Min, Dean of Students. jyost@wisdomuniversity.org

Gyorgyi Szabo: Dean of Doctoral Studies. GyorgyiSzabo@UbiquityUniversity.org

Course Logistics/Travel Information:

Visit our logistic links on the Course Calendar first and if you still have a question contact: Bob Meyer: MA., Logistics and Pilgrimage Coordinator. bob.meyer@ubiquityuniversity.org

New Chartres Academy:

Karen Rivers: MA., Director, New Chartres Academy Karen@karenrivers.info

The Pyramid Academy: Teotihuacan, Mexico:

Judith Yost, D.Min. mailto:jyost@WisdomUniversity.org


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