The Wisdom School


Since 1996, The Wisdom School of Ubiquity University has evolved through various forms in offering Masters and Doctoral degrees in wisdom traditions. We base our teaching on a diversity of ancient and modern wisdom traditions, together with the new sciences, and a commitment to intellectual discernment and creative expression. We serve as a catalytic agent expanding the frontiers of learning within the larger framework of a Living and Conscious Universe — one in which humans actively and collaboratively co-create a world in which all sentient beings can thrive. We invite you to join our endeavor.


“The verb fulfilling does not do justice to my experience at The Wisdom School. Being a student at TWS has been a profound, life-transforming experience. I am deeply grateful to the faculty, staff, and students of this remarkable institution!”

—Juan Carlos Arean

“I am currently in the Eco-Spiritual Mentoring program—we who are training to be eco-spiritual mentors guiding others in soul-work to follow their soul path. This program, and The Wisdom School itself, lays a map and a path for those seeking to reach beyond the psychic and social limitations set forth in our modern society and culture. My goal through my training, is to become part of a council of elders who care for the soul of their community. Preparing young people for rites-of-passage, working with adults on their soul journeys, and maintaining a balanced relationship with the more-than-human community.”

—Victoria Moore

“Since becoming a graduate student at The Wisdom School, I have expanded my mind and heart in ways I could never have imagined. I have been given a deeper connection to the natural earth and have been provided the encouragement and course work to support my on-going desire to become an Eco-spiritual Mentor. This education is preparing me to be an elder and a leader in a World where humans need to “step-up.”  I am forever grateful I made the decision to become a student.”

—Cathy Williams