Welcome to the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, an initiatory pathway to a deeper dialogue concerning life's mysteries

The Wisdom School of Graduate Studies (formerly Wisdom University) is a graduate school within Ubiquity University dedicated to individual and global transformation. Our students and faculty seek to be part of evolutionís larger return of humans to the natural order as participants rather than dominants, as one species living respectfully and cooperatively with all species. We offer Masters and Doctoral programs in the creative endeavor of tending the seeds of a new civilization that seeks to embody human possibility as an aspect of a larger planetary unfolding in a Living Universe. We draw on all the wisdom traditions, both ancient and modern, including the newer sciences, to combine deep experience, intellectual discernment, and creative expression in service of humanity finding its place within the larger ecofield. We believe this to be the highest calling of our time. We invite students, new faculty, and life long learners to step into this possibility with us.

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The Wisdom School in Teotihuacán
We are an Earth First graduate school

Each year The Wisdom School with The Pyramid Academy immerses itself in the ancient wisdom of the Toltec civilization of Teotihuán, Mexico during the week around Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Here is how some of the participants describe their experience:

“There are no words to describe the magical moments and educational value derived from our Teo experience but I will try! Just imagine being engulfed with the color of indigenous Toltec art, the grandeur of ancient pyramids, the wisdom from extraordinary teachers, the hospitality of the open-hearted Mexican peoples, and the beautiful bonding experience in love and friendship between wonderful human beings, and you will understand what the Teo experience was like for all of us! Extraordinarily invigorating, soul stirring, and spirit soaring once in a lifetime experience!”

—Constantina Clark, Ph.D. Student

“Returning, remembering, releasing, renewing, these are words that come to me regarding my journey in community with the Pyramid Academy at Teotihuacan.”

—Deborah Doblado Bowers, D.Min. Student

“A beautiful week of sacred intimacy within the safest circle of guidance and love.”

—Karen Smith, new D.Min. Student

“A wonderful time with a tribe of awakened, loving beings in a sacred place full of mystery and radiant energy.

—Teresa Echaide, life-long learner

Email: Stacy Newman if you are interested in The Pyramid Academy 2016.

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Great Books

The Great Books
of the World’s Wisdom Traditions

Faculty: Jim Garrison, Ph.D., Will Taegel, Ph.D., Mark Ryan, Ph.D., Gyorgyi Szabo, Ph.D., with other guest specialists

Every month, starting January 12, 2016

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Wisdom and Creating a New Civilization

Wisdom and Creating a New Civilization

Faculty: Jim Garrison, Ph.D. and Will Taegel, Ph.D., with Judith Yost, D.Min., Carol Flake Chapman, Ph.D., and a variety of guest/participants who are called to co-create a new civilization

February 21–26, 2016
Ralston White Retreat, Mill Valley, California

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Neuroscience 2016

The Neuroscience/Ecofield Experience

Faculty: Jim Hickman, Will Taegel, Ph.D., and guests

April 4–May 13, 2016

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Doctoral Writing

Doctoral Writing and Research Methods

Faculty: Gyorgyi Szabo, Ph.D., Jim Garrison, Ph.D.,
Melissa Pritchard

May 8–13, 2016
Private retreat in Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

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Chartres - Musica

The New Chartres School
The Fourth Liberal Art, Musica

Faculty: Jim Garrison, Ph.D., Apela Colorado, Ph.D., Andrew Harvey, Caroline Myss, Karen Rivers, Ph.D., Peggy Rubin

July 3–9, 2016
Chartres, France

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Damanhur Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage to Damanhur

Faculty: Esperide Ananas and Will Taegel, Ph.D.

July 10–16, 2016

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Mount Kailash

Journey to Mount Kailash

Pilgrimage Guides: Andrew Harvey and Jim Garrison,
with Jeremy Ball and Robert Meyer providing
logistical support and coordination.

August 5–28, 2016

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